Repair frame for cars and delivery trucks with fork-lift truck.

  • with two types of docers
    • docer with a airdraulic pump
    • docer with a two-graded, hydraulic pump
  • repair set
  • measuring set
  • wheal-frame for transporting



Repair frame for cars and delivery trucks with lift and tracks on. CABRIO RN2

Frame equipment type RN-1 and RN-2:

1. Frame skeleton 4000 mm long and 900 mm wide;

2. Mobile side arms to jaws clamping

3. Docer set with hydraulic system:
- two-graded pump, motor operator, pressure hose - 20 tons pressing force, hook jaw
- docer is equipped with additional rotary arm with motor operator for roof straightening
- certified chain with a hook
- certified gripping jaw

4. Device for damaged bonnet stretching, equipped with jaws of special steel - tempered and zinc plated

5. Inserting, angular side arms, with screws enabling side drawing of a car body with simultaneous locking from the other side.

6. Gripping jaws - hardened for car body clamping - with hard stews - class 8.8. 4 - sets

7. Gripping jaws - devoted for clamping such cars as: Mercedes, BMW etc.

8. Special accessories for clamping delivery cars and vans.

9. Shifting beam with an inserting roller enabling:
- down drawing in every place of a car body
- co-operation with tinsmithing set

10. An arm with a motor operator for roof straightening

11. 4 - sets of wheals of 160mm in diameter, inserted and bearinged with turn-table

12. 4 - sets of flanges with height regulation

13. Foot inserted to the lift

3) MINI-FRAME repair docer for cars and vans, with additional equipment, enabling to repair from side of a car. Docer, thanks to its strong construction, with turn-table and self-aligning arm enables repair of significant car damage. There is an option of application of the docer to the repair frame and then the frame works with two docers, which is essential for strongly damaged car bodies.

We also provide:

        - measuring equipment assembled on a frame for post-repair car body measurement
        - lower measurement
        - upper measurement
        - measuring board - drawn aside

Repair equipment

        - device for bells straightening
        - pillar expander
        - clamping jaws - 3 types
        - pullers